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Are you in pain? I can help. Does it hurt to move? I can help you. Have you lost agility, flexibility or ease of movement? I am here to help you. After your first session you will have less pain and move better.

In this session I will ask you a series of questions, take notes on previous medical history, look at your movement restrictions, carry out relevant muscle tests; all to find out what is causing the pain, or why it is hurting, then make a diagnosis and treat you. Together we will create a treatment plan and set objectives.

Your session will help improve mobility, decrease your pain and give you a clear outline on how to avoid it happening again.

Osteopathy approaches health holistically, i.e. it looks at the body as a whole and how one part is connected to another. Pain in one area might be related to a problem in another area so we understand how things link together. In osteopathy we treat the body with the hands. It's objective is to improve health, movement and wellbeing by reducing pain.

Osteopathy is appropriate for all groups of people, newborns, young children, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly.

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Formación del FEOB, Sant Just Desvern. Catalunya. Diploma de Osteopatía. Miembro del Registro de Osteópatas de España.(R.O.E 364) y miembro de la Federación Europea de Osteópatas (EFO) 

Licenciada en Human Sciences (B.Sc.Hons.) Universidad de Sussex, Reino Unido.

Formada en el Método Salò Darder.

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