Basically Telehealth or Teletherapy is an on-line video Osteopathy treatment.

If you have any reservations about its effectiveness or value, or worries about the technology involved I hope the following will clear up any doubts.

It has become evident over the last 6 weeks that treating on-line using a video connection and working with a patient at a distance DOES WORK! What people mention most commonly after a session is a feeling of reassurance and relief.

That huge sigh of relief that comes after having spent days worrying, or being in pain for days, Googling symptoms on-line, taking friends’ advice and trying all home remedies. The relief of becoming pain free follows this.

I´m offering you a professional listening ear, on-line diagnosis to the degree we can, support, and professionally indicated movement/stretch/exercise routines and advice. We will work through movements, exercises and breathing together. In the case where I feel Osteopathy is not appropriate I will refer you to another health care specialist.

You don’t need to be in pain to call me; people suffering from anxiety, stress or simply feeling down are benefitting from the attention and advice, becoming more in control, improving their breathing and moving better all of which leads to more confidence and better spirits.

Muscular pain (legs, back, neck), I try and isolate the muscle group in question by asking you to do some muscle movement tests. Then I can set up a personalized programme to help you stretch out the muscle, increase the strength or move it to take the inflammation out the tissue and so reduce your pain.

Format: The session is 30 minutes-60 minutes. If you are a new patient I will take down your full medical history as well as details of the presenting complaint. Returning patients will give details on improvement/change or relevant new information concerning their consultation.

You will be asked to have a full-body video camera set up so I may see all of you. If necessary you can send a short video (pre treatment) of your movement or pain pattern, and or any scans/tests you have. You may be asked to carry out various movement tests to so that I can access your range/quality of movement.

Once we determine the problem we will practise some guided stretching or exercises together, or if relevant, we will practise breathing techniques. At the end of the session you will receive a personalized exercise sheet via email, which includes pictures, video links and instructions. With further sessions your exercise plan will be updated following the improvements.

Safety: YOUR SAFETY IS PARAMOUNT. If it is evident that Osteopathy cannot help your problem or there is any urgency you will be referred to the appropriate specialist. I ask that you be comfortably seated or standing depending on age and condition. Do not do an exercise if it hurts or you don’t understand it.

Benefits: A reoccurring theme in these sessions is that of relief. Being listened to by a specialist and being given advice by a trained professional is very reassuring.

Pain relief: various solutions in the form of exercise or advice on posture or movement to alleviate pain. Exercise is a form of movement and any movement is going to make you feel better, getting more oxygen in you will help you feel more energised and certainly more positive. Anxiety and stress are not great for pain and if I can help you understand your problem and provide a solution we are already half way there in reducing you pain level.

Long term benefits: these sessions have been described as a “class” and you will see the stretches you are learning may become your new daily routine …and this may help you keep your problem away for good!

All feedback noted here is self-reported from patients receiving on-line video treatments.

Here is some of the feedback:

Face to face contact via the computer

“I have found this so important as it makes me continue the exercises and follow your instructions properly. Also the communication is so important in these lonely times.” “ …the contact happening at the same time each day was important for me because it creates a much-needed routine.”

“Ha sido de gran alivio y ayuda poder hacer video llamada e intercambio de emails con Kathy.”

“I hadn’t realised how little head movement I was getting. Too much sitting about.”

“I am more relaxed now and this relief of tension makes me feel less anxious.”

“…me ha tranquilizado y bajado la ansiedad el poder expresar mi situación y dolores a alguien profesional que ya me ha tratado con anterioridad y podía decirme qué me podría estar sucediendo.” 

“Caused by high pollen count here in the UK. I realise that lack of head movement also contributed. Your treatment has had a really good effect and the headaches have gone and my ears are feeling less blocked.”

Breathing… “I was doing this all wrong! And this reminds me that I was taken into hospital two years ago with atrial fibrillation. I now feel I am getting more oxygen as I practice.”

“Katy you are a genius. The pain started to go away almost immediately and today hardly anything at all…”

“I have been recovering from whiplash, and during the COVID crisis I have not had access to rehabilitation centers. Katy has provided me with various exercises and stretches to not only aid my physical recovery, but also to support my mental health throughout this time.”

Support and Professionalism

“Katy has been highly supportive during these uncertain times.”

“She exudes a perfect mix of professionalism, kindness, and calmness. She has provided excellent care via teletherapy and I highly recommend her services.”

“Kathy is a great professional and lovely person. Even though the centre is closed, she helped a lot via skype. I would definitely recommend. Hoping that soon there will be the possibility of going back to normal sessions.”

“Gracias por esta oportunidad, pese a la distancia ha sido de gran ayuda!”