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" June 16, 2017

Kathryn McConkey - The Best Osteopath in Barcelona

I don't usually post non technical stuff on my blog but I would really like anyone living in Barcelona to know about my osteopath, Kathyn McConkey. I have had chronic neck and upper spine issues for years, and I have seen many physio therapists, including spine specialists, quiropractors and osteopaths. But none were able to help me. Then I found Kathrn McConkey and her Osteopatia del Mar practice three years ago and it changed my life for the better.

I have been on sick leave the last two weeks with a lower back muscle spasm. It has been extremely painful and after a few days of being in bed I was able to walk with crutches but I was all crooked. After 8 days I stopped improving and actually started to get worse. So I went to see Katy and she diagnosed the problem, and after an hour of work I was able to stand straight and walk without crutches. I took the bus home and walked the 15 minutes to my house unsupported. Now two days later I am almost 100%.

She is so experienced and is constantly going to conferences and increasing her mastery. I have found the osteopaths both in the UK and Spain a bit of a mixed bag, (mostly good though). Some just want to manipulate your spine and be done with it. But Katy really sees the body as a whole, I think she must be able to visualise in her head, every bone, muscle, ligament and tendon in my body.

So, if you live in Barcelona and have back, neck, hip or other pains then please talk to her. She has reliably helped me over the last three years.

Her website is: http://osteopatiadelmar.com "

Post surgery and over 80 years old

M.M (83), retired. Lower back pain/post colon surgery. “I don’t know how or what she does but it is a kind of magic as she doesn’t even touch me where the pain is and I feel incredible pain relief”.

Travel/Sports injuries

JM (45), M.D. I was aching all over from 5 weeks non-stop travel and walking and was expecting a sports massage to decontract my muscles, which is what I normally treat with in Australia and it can be painful. However I received a general osteopathy treatment (G.O.T) which was blissfully relaxing, pain free and I was really supple and mobile and felt great afterwards.


"I attended a sleep trial which was held at Katy's clinic. The combination of cranial osteopathy and cognitive behavioural therapy involved in the trial was life transforming. Having been a life-long insomniac, the sessions provided practical and emotional tips on dealing with this chronic problem which affects so many people`s lives. I highly recommend Katy, whose knowledge and passion for her subject is unmatched by any other health therapist I have come across" (CF, May 2015)

Post-natal problems

CG (37). I came to see Katy with some post-natal problems. She looked at my entire body, spotted and solved the real, underlying problem and gave me only the required number of sessions (2) and some exercises I could do at home, rather than signing me up for a programme I didn't need. Interestingly, I left feeling much happier after each session, which was a great added bonus!


R.P (47) Cuando era joven no me dolia nada !!!. Los años y las malas posturas empiezan a hacer mella. Siempre recupero y mejoro cuando realizo una sesión de osteopatia. Es para mi una hora de relax y reencuentro con mi cuerpo, siento cosas diferentes en mi y un alivio en muchas de mis articulaciones. Funciona.

Baker's cyst/Tendonitis 

Katy has been a miracle worker I first went to see her for a baker cyst on the back of my knee she drained it without needles or surgery and gave me instruction on how to strengthen it and keep it drained. After my vacation, I had hurt both of my shoulders tendonitis and what looked like a 3 month recovery has only been one month and today I can lift both of my arms with little or no pain. I highly recommend Katy. (C.W Artist)

Pain Relief

Hi Katy, This is Volker writing. You saved my Day!! The job you did was so amazing helpful, the pain is gone! Thanks again Kind regards