A great technique for knees to help all those of you who ski, snowboard, or go hiking.
It's a simple DIY lymphatic technique on the knee that will loosen any tightness or rigidity you have. It's a rehab technique given to those who have had meniscus operations 
 I'm treating someone here, but you can treat your own knee.
Seat yourself on a sturdy table, where your legs can swing freely.
Block the top part of your knee/ end of your thigh with your hand (this is to keep it steady and stop it rotating with the lower leg).
With the other hand gently push the lower part of the leg forwards and backwards. It doesn't have to be constant, if you stop the leg will swing a little more like a pendulum.
Then gently push the lower left to right, then bring in a circular motion. Try and use a clock, or time yourself.as you'll want to do at least three minutes, (you can do up to 15 minutes)
As the movement is passive, (ie you are not actively moving the knee) you'll notice a considerable loosening of all the insertions into the knee.
You can treat both knees, it doesn't have to be the injured one.
When you come off the table and walk you will feel much lighter and looser around the knee joint.
Good before and after exercise.
If you are interested in the science of what this is doing and why it is so effective, i will find the medical research and post it here.
I´ll keep this simple, but you may find it useful to have an image of (the anatomy) a knee to look at, there are many images on Wikipedia.
Drainage techniques move lymph to drain tissue, and this takes away inflammation and reduces pain. They are usually pump techniques with an on/ off movement.

The technique shown in the video is used for rehab on meniscus operations and works through a process of moving fluids. The knee joint is made up of the tibia and femur, with the patella on the front and fibula on the side, enclosed in a capsule.
As you move the knee back and forth, they are pressing together the femur and tibia. This movement effectively works like a “sponge” (live bone is softer than we imagine) pressing and releasing fluid. The lymph will carry out metabolic detritus and there will be a better perfusion of new blood entering (carrying nutrients and other tissue healing elements) hence you get faster healing into the tissue. Outside the capsule you have tendon/ muscle insertions in the knee front, back and side of the knee.
As the movement is passive (your hand is moving the leg, not the muscles in the leg) the muscle tissue is being gently stretched and released over and over. This will release any muscle contracture or tightness.
You will feel and see a notable improvement in flexibility. You feel ' lighter' walking and you range of motion (how far your knee bends) will also improve.
In rehab you would be asked to do this up to 15-20m a day 3 times a day.
If you are doing this to loosen up before or after strenuous exercise such as skiing, which takes a lot of weight bearing on the knee, a few minutes before and after should suffice.
If you are interested, you can follow this link to a scientific paper which shows the benefits.
Hope it helps.
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