• Freedom to Move
  • Over one year of pandemic and lockdown, the subsequent fallout has affected us all in many ways, and this includes physically. I am certainly not as fit as I was last year and I’m really looking forward to being free to move around where I want in the coming months.
  • The majority of people who have been in the clinic this year have “new” aches and pain from too much sitting. People mention not feeling as strong or as agile, and feeling stiff in the mornings. Also not breathing well “not feeling as if the air is getting in”, and feeling anxious and unsure.
  • Restricted movement leads to poor posture, tense muscles, tiredness, and a general lack of vigour. If you recognize any of this in you, please read on.

I can help with all the above

  • Freedom to move is a package I’ve designed focusing on three areas to help improve posture, breathing and movement.
  • Posture. You are going to learn how improve your posture and see and feel the difference.

  • Breathing. Easy to learn techniques that help you breathe effectively. This brings untold benefits; including keeping you calm when feeling stressed, panicky or anxious, lifting your mood , improving the digestive process and strengthening the immune system. Read more here about how breathing can help you.


  • Movement. Both the above, as well as your Osteopathy sessions bring pain free and easy movement. You will be noticeably more flexible.
  • Freedom to Move Package includes:

  • 2 x 90minute Osteopathy sessions. Full medical history taken, full exploration and muscle testing, creation of treatment plan and objectives and treatment. Having relaxed muscles, less pain and more mobility is the first step towards improved posture.

    • 3 x 30m-60m group on-line sessions. Easy to learn techniques that help you breathe effectively, effective stretching and movement while sitting at your desk. Osteopathy “magic” to improve lumbago and neck pain. Q&A. Feedback.

      • Personalized stretching programme. A personalized stretching and movement sheet printout and pdf copy with video links. This will be updated with new stretches at the end of the course if needed.

        • Free gift. To remember your time here

        • Freedom to Move Cost and dates.


        • 380 euros incl. 21% IVA. Electronic receipt to your email
        • Payable by Stripe, Bizzum, Cash or Bank transfer (not Revolut)
        • First Osteopathy sessions are on 3/4/5th May.
        • Second Osteopathy session 26/27/28th May
        • On-line session *3 Tuesdays 1pm-2pm*time can be changed to suit all


        • All information you give to Osteopatía del Mar is strictly confidential and will not be shared to any third party.

        Covid hygiene

        • Rigorous measures are in place to keep the clinic clean and safe.

           Freedom to Move

        • Why do it?

          • The things you learn will benefit you for the rest of your life. Practising them regularly will ensure against future pain or discomfort and the improvements are long term. You are investing in your future.
          • You will learn a lot about how your body works, or why it doesn’t! I will give you the tools to combat pain and improve posture. You will have copies of all stretching printouts/videos in case you need a little reminder.
          • You will feel great! Freedom of movement is one the best things life can offer us.
        • Freedom to Move
          • Call me right now if you’d like more information +34 609143690
          • Pay and book your place on www.osteopatiadelmar.com
          • Or call me for details to pay via Bizzum or Bank transfer.
        • As we have all seen over this last year there is nothing as precious as freedom to move.