Walking down and along the beach at Barceloneta towards the W hotel is a hive of fitness activity reminiscent of a Santa Monica boardwalk. I’ve never see so many fit, tanned, energetic and mobile people all in the same place. Although, I watch them I’m not one of them but I envy their strength and drive! Instead, my version is a slow meander along the cycle path on my bicycle and regular swimming. Both of these are enough to keep me supple and keep the stiffness away. You will find the regularity and constancy of exercise is what helps most. However, for those of you who find the whole process of an exercise routine daunting here is some advice I learned over this year.

Start small! And by small I mean small, tiny, miniscule! Start with ONE minute a day. This is probably the time it takes you to read this to the end!

Here’s a tip. Think of an activity you do everyday, or twice a day. For example; the time you wait for your coffee/tea to heat up do, or waiting for the lift. This is the time to do some gentle neck movements. It's basically nodding yes or shaking your head no, but much slower. Do one minute; bend you head tucking your chin into your chest and breathe out fully, raise your head and look forward, look to the left, look to the right and repeat until your minute is up.
If you do this every day for say a week and then build a few more minutes into your day you will be amazed at how just a little goes a long way. Taking the stiffness/rigidity or pain out your neck will really help you feel more alive.

I have short videos I can send you on a pdf sheet, you can reach me at and I’ll send it through.